Olive oil is a staple when it comes to Mediterranean living. When eaten or consumed olive oil has significant benefits, but what if we told you using olive oil rich skin care has ample benefits for your skin as well…and organic olive oil happens to be one of our skin cares staple ingredients here at Stacia Naturals along with other wholesome organic ingredients.

Some of the potential benefits of Organic Olive Oil are:

  1. Being an Antioxidant

When applied to the skin it is proven that antioxidants have properties to reduce and prevent pre mature aging – just like in our body butters and face cream range particularly our Firming Face Cream with organic olive oil! An antioxidant is a substance that prevents oxidation which is a chemical reaction that takes place when a substance comes into contact with oxygen or another oxidizing substance.


  1. Moisturising properties

Olive oil rich products leave your skin hydrated and soft. Olive oil acts as a natural moisturiser for the skin. Paired with our other core ingredients like volcanic extract and vitamin E it becomes a full moisturising experience for your skin, leaving it soft and smooth every time. If hydrating and moisturising is your skin goal check out our 24 HR moisturising face cream with organic olive oil of course!


  1. Vitamin Content

Olive oil naturally contains vitamin E, which has been used throughout the years in beauty regimes in all cultures to treat a number of skin conditions like eczema. It also plays a role in aging and skin appearance. If you’d like an extra kick of Vitamin E with your daily beauty and skin care routine you can’t go past our Moisturising-Firming Face Serum with organic Olive Oil, aloe extract & vitamin E.


  1. Protects your skin

With a lower oxidation then other go to skin care ingredients Olive Oil can help balance your skin’s hydration and moisture levels, this means it creates a shield to protect the skin from potential irritation and other harmful pollutions such as blue light. For skin that is regularly exposed to such pollution and blue light we suggest our Antipollution & Antibluelight moisturising cream with lava and organic olive oil.


  1. Versatile and can be used on the whole body

You’ll notice our products range from hair care, face creams to nail and hand creams. Organic olive oil is versatile and can wear many hats when comes to aiding your beauty and skin care routines. It works great to fight frizz, strengthen and repair hair breakage ( Try our Silicone serum for hair with organic olive oil & silk oil).


Switching to organic olive oil rich skin care will be the thing your skin thanks you for in 2023. Packed full of benefits ready to give your skin the love it deserves. Will you be making the switch? There are many different products on the market, but what sets Stacia Naturals apart is our products are imported directly from Greece, so you can rest easy knowing you are using 100% authentic Organic Olive Oil straight from the Mediterranean.

December 20, 2022 — Emma Ferguson

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